Hana Ichi Monme
Lyrics: Shou
Music: alice nine.

itsutsu koro no boku no yume wa tanin ni naru koto
sekai jyuu no dare ka yori mo jibun ga kirai de

jyuu shi koro no boku no yume wa ijin ni naru koto
sekai jyuu no nani ka yori mo ruuru ga kirai de

kagome kagome kago no naka no tori wa itsu itsu deau
'ushiro no shoumen dare desu ka'

itsumo miteta kago no soto wa

dokomademo hatenaku tsuzuita hitori kiri no yume
bokura wa dokomademo yowaku...

itsumademo otona ni narezuni kyou mo hitomi wo tojiru kara
boku ni ikiru imi wo oshiete... [owari. iie, tsuzu.]*

*this part isn't sung

A Pinch of Flowers

Around five, my dream was to become someone else
In this world, who did I dislike more than myself

Becoming four, my dream was to become a great man
In this world, what did I dislike more than rules

When, when can I meet the bird in the woven bamboo, woven bamboo cage
'Who's on the front of the reverse side?'

The outside of the cage that I had always seen

Anywhere, the dream of just one person was endless and continued
Anywhere, we are frail

Forever not wanting to become an adult; because I close my eyes today as well
Tell me the meaning of life... The end. No, continuation.

Translator's Note:
A 'monme' (as it is read in Japanese) is a unit of weight, approximately equal to 3.75 grammes. Also, the song is based on a Japanese children's game, with the phrases from the game's song in the lyrics.