Red Parasol
Lyrics: Temari
Music: Yuu
Arrange: Ruvie

The birds fly south in the grey sky
Standing still, I send them off with my eyes

Thereís 4 or 5 minutes till the bus arrives
The sound of the rhythm of silver coins carves into my pockets

I open a red parasol and go to welcome you, in the rain

I began to run

I cut through the mirror of water with new shoes
Widening ripples and the distorted rainbows of gasoline

The kitten and young boy huddled in the shade of trees
Sharing warm milk

Brake lamp, lights on
You walked down the steps
Looked up at the sky, and sighed once

Surely youíll soon notice the red parasol
Iím just,
Waiting with my hand held out

In the rain-coloured street, the umbrella blooms
The sweet scent of the street of hydrangeas
Weíll go home in a slightly roundabout way
Words that blend aptly, towards the sky

Under the trees that line the street
Itís the funeral march of the colours
Proclaiming the next season
The cold wind

If the refrain of memory becomes frightening
Try to find a rift between the clouds and strain your eyes
Tomorrow that will visit before long, and from then on
Draw a parabola with your finger and laugh

If your long eyelashes are wet with dew
If the rain falling on your small trembling shoulders
Hurts, Iím waiting for you, like today, with the red umbrella open

translated by jiayan


"In the rain-coloured street, the umbrella blooms"
Temari likened the umbrella to a flower, he literally said "the flower of the umbrella".