fool or wise
Lyrics: Temari
Music: Kazuki
Arrange: Ruvie

The signal to raise the curtains, it’s one
Just one gunshot.

“Rot” “Scatter” then “Fall”
The sensation of the roots of my teeth quivering
The feeling of biting my tongue

-- follow me

Will you stop playing the fool already?
Before the vulgar hand violates you

Like ants crawling on the ground
To brutally swarm around
Is that what the reason for existence will become?
You are now quietly, quietly
Dreaming in a sweet lie

“If you’re suffering in grief and pessimism, I’ll cover your eyes with this hand.”

That’s the calming darkness.

“Come, will you try reaching out your hand? I’ll take hold of it.”

Has a full-stop been put to end your scorn yet?

I’m afraid of being separated
There, I dream that I reel in
The string tied to keep you
“Don’t go” The words don’t form
I’ll kiss the woven mouth

What set you free like a bird
Is the bit of “me” then “you”.

translated by jiayan


"Is the bit of “me” and “you”."
Temari used the word "shidai". Usually "shidai" is used with the particle "ni", and "shidai ni" means "in turn", or "gradually". I used the word "then" to express this, but I'm not very sure what Temari actually means with this last line.