good-day. good-night.

In the day when the birds disappeared
And the sky became lonely


One wish
I tried to throw it high.

The day when God died
And the sky cried

I fell in love again with
You who left without even saying goodbye.

good day.good night.
Repeating many times
As if it wouldn’t disappear, -- the voice.
good day.good night.

The voice of children? Or
Perhaps the singing voice of angels?

It seemed that you who didn’t smile were smiling.

good day.good night.
What can you see from there
What can you hear?

I want you to tell me.

good day.good night.
Instead of bidding you farewell
It would be better if it could reach you -- my voice

good day.good night.
Till the day when the magic awakens
good day...
good day.good night.

translated by jiayan


"the voice" vs "my voice"
The word used was "koe", which means "voice". As usual, no subjects were specified in these lines.
The first time "koe" appeared, it appeared alone. I translated it as "the voice", because just "voice" on its own would have sounded strange.
The second time it appeared, it appeared as "koe ga", with the particle "ga" behind. "Ga" doesn't have any particular meaning, it's meaning depends on the way it is used. In this case, if we rearrange the sentence and put "koe ga" before the previous line, the entire sentence would mean "It would be better if the voice could reach you". However I chose to use the literal translation instead because this line seems important.