Lyrics: Temari
Music: Temari
Arrange: Ruvie

In the unobstructed blue sky, a white signpost was drawn
I was looking up, at that time
Surely the path that I’m walking on from now on is watched over
Though without even a “thank you”

I stood on tiptoe, but I still couldn’t seem to reach the flower
The girl that was piled up in the sun, whose feelings I could not perceive

For sure, on the day when “that child” was sent off, the rain was also flickering in this way
I was just watching
Surely the tears that I have forgotten are flowing instead
Though without even a “thank you”

Packed in the furrows of a spiral insect, the colour of rays of the sun are changing
I overtook the mirage and peered in, a distorted heart

So, everyday, the flower that faces the sky was right here by my side

The wind from the south and the innocent children are running through
If I look back, somewhere, I’ll see something and smile

So, if I look across, the smiling face fills out like always
So, everyday, the flower that reveres the sky was right here by my side

Unknowingly, I became an adult in the house, and my head was being crammed with things
I forgot the numerical formula that I didn’t understand
This scenery will be burned into my eyes

As it is, midway through the daydream
I want to drown in the pleasant dizziness
This street was tinged with mosaic
Embracing that bouquet of flowers, I stepped out

translated by jiayan


"Though without even a “thank you”"
I have no idea what "gara janai" means, so I'm not sure about this line.

Other than in the first two stanzas, there is no subject specified in any of the verses. Since Temari used "I" in the first two stanzas, I assumed that the subject for the rest of the song is from the persona's point of view as well.