Irony sun light
Lyrics: Temari
Music: Temari
Arrange: Ruvie

Just like some time ago, the rain cleared like a lie
To the extent of irony, I even forgot all irritation in the blue sky
In the shadow of the trees soaked with dew, the voices of the cicadas ceased
The four seasons that flow through, leaving no sediments, are leaving me behind here…

I wanted a thousand flowers more than the words that were spread all over
I wanted to be able to see at least those flowers that the two of us nurtured
Hey, what dream are you having now? The smiling face faintly filled up
I kissed the cold cheek and whispered into your ear

Can you hear it? The galloping of my heart
Can you hear it? The tremolo of my mind… yes?

We linked our hands, fingers entwined as if we would be separated
I can’t reach that day when we were walking
Have you forgotten the promise that we exchanged?
Though the colours fade as we stand carelessly
For the fifth time, that summer comes visiting again
Those flowers that you like are blooming
Your figure surfaces in my eyes, but though I stretch out my hand
I'll never reach you…

translated by jiayan


Temari said in an interview that he wrote this song before he joined Ruvie. Doesn't this song make you feel like crying?