One-legged Bianca
Lyrics: Temari
Music: Temari
Arrange: Ruvie

The voice of the bird that hurts my ears, the familiar scent of perfume
In the scenery viewed from the veranda, red flowers bloomed
ďHey, calling out my nameĒ

The ice-cream that I ate behind my motherís back was strawberry-flavoured
Itís reminiscent talk about my childhood, but
Iím sorry, Mama.

Iím one-legged Bianca, searching for a place to perch along the wall

I canít become the girl who fits the white dress that Mama gave
The completely opposite contrast is laughable, but
Today as well, I donít know who, from where, Iíll be used up by
In the dirtied tip and ambiguous kiss, I cry

translated by jiayan


The title sounds like the song is referring to a fairy-tale of some sort, but I can't find any information about it. If you know anything or have any hunches, please email me! (My email address can be found under "Contact".)

"ďHey, calling out my nameĒ"
This line was written but not sung.

I think this song is about prostitution. I haven't read any interviews about this song, though, so I can't confirm anything. But that's the idea I get from the last two lines. What do you think?