A Bouquet from the Gallows
Lyrics: Temari
Music: Temari
Arrange: Ruvie

In this room
The rays of the morning sun are frightening

I feel you in my trembling hand
Itís what sustains me now

The kiss made in painful chaos is
A clumsy poem of a faint memory
I remember
The days we passed, talked, heaped up sighs together

The reversed you laughed on the ceiling
Blind these eyes, weaken those legs, the straitjacket that steals freedom

Suppression of impulse, and vomiting
An emaciated end, a kind of ringing in the ears
It eats up countless crowds of black ants

Burnt into my retina
As if emotion had been rubbed off
Laughing and accepting
Is your face

Iím in the rain without an umbrella
But my thin throat is wet from crying
Like a bloomed flower being picked, -- like being picked

At the top of those creaking stairs
Smiling, waiting

The hemp rope that ties your hands and mine together is
A cruel sound that hurts the ears

The small kiss made is
The song that you used to often sing
I remember, crying out with a voice that doesnít become a voice, about you

The rain that continues for a long time blesses us
But the love is endless
Quietly, quietly morning comes

One step, one step, and another step
I climb to the top of those stairs
I stretch out my hand towards that place where youíre waiting

A bouquet of flowers in that right hand
A bouquet of flowers for you

translated by jiayan


"The reversed you laughed on the ceiling"
The word used was "tousaku", which literally translates to "perversion" or "inversion". I used "reversed" because I think the "you" referred to is in some way inverted from the normal person, hence, reversed. But I think it's better to keep the original meaning of "tousaku" in mind.

"One step, one step, and another step"
Literally "One, one, and another one", but I inserted the word "step" to make the meaning clearer.