Ms alice
Lyrics: Temari
Music: Kazuki
Arrange: Ruvie

Red trap in the wineglass
Scrutinise it on top of the dirtied tongue.

On the plate named dried-up desire
Try pouring in the soup of pleasure.

Sip it with a silver spoon.

What I wanted was an antidote, crime and punishment
The sensation was intermittently uncertain
Interference and friction.
With the snake that carries heat
A reciprocation only at that place

I want to be buried...

I pretended to show my inviolable territory
The lie I remembered at first, I pretend to pant
I cried and showed and demanded
Synonymous with cast-off skin
Voices that laugh at me, --I can’t hear them.

The letter that reaches the forgotten time.

The back that disappeared without telling the destination
What the hell was the insomnia for?
Heaven is, hell.

Goodbye I wave my hand
Byebye, I wave my hand
The flowers, they scattered.

The sky of grief always has the same face
Is it alright if it's a little drowned today? I’ll let it play with my hair
Byebye, I wave my hand
Even so, I wave my hand
Until I drift off to sleep.

Red trap in the wineglass
I close my eyes on “top” of the dirtied “below”.


translated by jiayan


"I want to be buried..."
Temari uses "hoshii" which indicates personal desire. A more literal translation would be "I want to bury myself".

"Until I drift off to sleep."
Literally, "until I fall into sleep", but someone said it sounded weird that way, so I changed it to "drift off".