Lyrics: Temari
Music: Temari
Arrange: Ruvie

The pure white snow that’s like cotton
Fell onto the pitch black field
Even the iron bird and swing were dyed
Before I knew it, I couldn’t see you anymore

At that time we were
Happy just looking up at the sky in this way
The chocolate clutched in our hands
Melted in the warmth of our bodies

My slow-stepped self hurried on quickly ,quickly
On the hill that overlooks the sea
I like you very much right now
The young girl sleeping

Our ideals and fantasies and such
Were killed by worthless ideology
Glass on the window dewed over and cracked
In the distance, the clock tower burns

I lose my sense of balance
Lose sight of the pace of breathing
In the sound of footsteps that surge on
I slow into step with you

Hey, am I looking at an illusion?
Hey, are you looking at an illusion too?

Even my toes, even my fingers
Before I knew it, I lost feeling in them
As long as I pull the trigger, I
Forget the perplexing things

The pure white snow that’s like cotton
Piles up on the pitch black field
Even that sky, even that hill are dyed
Before I knew it, I lose sight of “me”

Now, under the cold sky, my ear is split
The gunshot echoes just once
Now you’re, just a bit, look
Just a bit, you’re smiling

translated by jiayan


"Just a bit, you’re smiling"
This line was sung, but not written. I included it in the translation because the song would be terribly depressing without it.