Body Warmth
Lyrics: Temari
Music: Kazuki
Arrange: Ruvie

You, waving your hand in the distance, are leaving little by little
Again, is it the same dream as always?
If this hand reaches out a little more
I seem to be able to be touched by the warmth of your body -----

Even the number of sighs that were made
Even the number of pills that were swallowed
Thereís not one that I canít remember

To sleep is frightening
Under the eyelids, I seem to melt
The shivering doesnít stop
Because thereís none of your warmth on this arm

The sky that can be seen beyond the filter
Slowly, that figure is changed
The cold, blurred sun

The boundary line
Of the flickering asphalt and the sky
Ambiguously, it starts to blend

Becoming aware of the voice blended in the wind
I look back, but
You werenít there

I remembered
The song that you taught
The interval between illusion and sleep

If I pull up this blade a little
If I pull it out a little more strongly
In tranquility ----- we can meet?

It's different from usual
Not leaving because I like that makeup
Softly, on that cheek
With a kiss, I ascertained the warmth of your bodyÖ

Even the number of pills that were swallowed
Even the wounds on this slashed arm
Now, they are already countless

Whatís reality
What might be a dream ----- I donít understand
The dry lips
The cracked voice ----- it hurts

Once more, this hand
Although I wanted to hold it, and go back
It's cold, your hand
Although I didnít use much strength, it crumbled

I want the warm you -----

translated by jiayan


"Even the number of sighs that were made"
Temari used the verb "hakidashita", which means "spat out". I substituted "made" because "spat out" sounds a bit too strong for this line.

"Although I didnít use much strength, it crumbled"
Temari used merely "chikara naku", which means "without strength". I rephrased it to make the meaning clearer in English.