The Way to Say a Kind Goodbye
Lyrics: Temari
Music: Kazuki
Arrange: Ruvie

I bit my trembling lip and began to speak
The day when your “kindness”, you were always kind, became painful

We were never prosperous but we were happy everyday
But, unnoticed, I ceased to be in those eyes

I could pretend not to notice as much as you want, but
You could see that the smiling face seemed overworked

You’re bad at lying, you’ve always been like that
Your habit of touching your hair, it’s strangely cute
I held back my tears while acting like a strong girl for you to see
While hiding my real self which seemed to have gone crazy

At this time tomorrow, surely
I wonder if I’ll leave this room, this street

I have countless remembrances, but
Only two cardboard boxes of baggage

We spent spring, summer, autumn and winter together in the same small room
I can think of that time as a dream now
The cigarette smoke left in this room has disappeared too
“You” became just a part in this film

Surely, I’ve disappeared from within you
Because now I’m able to think that even that is fine
Let’s plant the seed that will branch out and have flowers bloom
I’m fine just watching your back

Now and then, the north wind blows to announce the end of the season
The words mixed with a sigh are clouded with white
In the letter addressed to me, only “thank you” was written
Even though I’m the one who should say thanks

translated by jiayan


"I bit my trembling lip and began to speak"
A more accurate translation of the speaking part might be "cut to the chase", but that sounded a bit too harsh. Just keep that in mind.

This song is written from the point of view of a girl, based on Temari's use of the "watashi" (me) and "anata" (you) pronouns.
Usually if a song is written from a male point of view, "boku" (me) and "kimi" (you) would be used instead.
Of course there's also the line where the persona says she's acting like a strong girl, but... just in case anyone didn't get it.