Welcome to brilliant lover's. This site was created for me to share my translations of lyrics of the wonderful band Ruvie.
Ruvie disbanded in July 2007 and they are dearly missed. Their music has touched many hearts. Here, I hope to convey some of the feelings in these songs to English-speaking fans who are unable to understand the original Japanese lyrics.

Italicised text indicates English lyrics from the original lyrics.

The original lyrics are, most of the time, abstract and whimsical. Temari's writing is a joy to read. However, I am not a native speaker of Japanese and have almost always met with difficulty when translating Ruvie songs. Grammar notwithstanding, the lines are sometimes too abstract for me to understand them.
I'm sorry for these shortcomings, but I do hope that you are able to understand the lyrics as best as possible. Many of the songs have, or will have, notes at the end to explain certain lines. I hope these will help.

I started translating the songs out of personal interest. I am publishing them here because some members of the LiveJournal community expressed their interest in seeing the translations.
I don't usually or habitually translate Ruvie songs, I translated these songs because I was interested in the contents of the songs. I don't think I will translate all their songs. I might translate some more in the future, but I can't really specify any fixed schedule.
Sometimes I will wake up and go "Oh~!" and change my translations. This is due to my frivolous nature and general stupidity when translating the lyrics for the first, second, third, etc time. I will update on the LiveJournal community if I do change anything, or publish anything new. If you are not a member there, your best bet is to pop by every few months. I will post updates about translation edits on this page as well.

UPDATE! 2009/02/09 Updated with the translation of "Yasashii Owari no Tsutaekata".

If you want to request for song translations, you can email me. My email address can be found on the "Contact" page. If I'm in the mood, or if I get many requests for the same song, I might translate it.

Please enjoy the lyrics. They're beautiful, really.

On a related note, please credit this website if you re-post or use the translated lyrics anywhere. I trust you, alright? Thanks!